What you've been looking for in business, life, and leadership is here

The MBA at Wright Graduate University’s Lyons School of Transformational Business offers three extraordinary things in ONE life-changing opportunity.

  • The business technical skills you expect from an MBA
  • A proven curriculum for applying social and emotional intelligence, the skill set that differentiates superior leaders from average ones 
  • A transformational coaching and leadership core that brings out your best as a leader

The Result? 

A powerful new MBA credential that empowers you with the management skills today’s market demands, AND the human skills that empower you as an authentic leader.

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Reach your potential with an MBA that brings out your best

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Want real returns on your educational investment? 

Among 2019 graduates of the Wright Graduate University's MA program, which forms the basis for the leadership and coaching in the WGU MBA:

obtained a new position or promotion during their education
reported increased income (43% on average) vs when they started their WGU program

“As a WGU MBA student, I have been integrating my academic research and personal development directly into my role as Vice President of Personal Lines Insurance forAssuredPartners of Illinois. I’ve been able to combine my leadership with my coursework by bringing personalized examples into my assignments. Between the WGU faculty and my student cohort, I’ve received critical feedback that I’ve taken directly into my company - positively impacting myself and my team in the process.”

— Andrew Allison, current MBA student

Business is about relationships.

Your ability to connect with yourself and others.

Relationships, not money, are the most important currency of business. 

Powerfully effective and efficient, our 21-month MBA program develops you as a change agent who operates from a higher purpose and meaning, all while developing and honing the complex skills that today’s workplace and world demands: 

  • Leadership
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Strategic Problem-Solving
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Team Development & Training

“In just a couple of months at WGU, I was hired as a consultant. I was more organized, I was clearer, I was more grounded and responsible — following through on things I committed to. This is my third master’s degree. Even though I knew a lot from my previous education, it was in my head and not coming into my life to make me a better person. After WGU, people started to notice — I changed, and then my life started to change.” 

— Steve Thorpe, 2018 MA graduate

Technical skills will only take you so far.  

Do you want to learn about leadership or do you want to become a leader?

Research shows us that over 80% of leaders’ success is due to their relationship skills – their social and emotional intelligence. 

The WGU MBA in Transformational Leadership provides an immersive learning experience that combines hands-on leadership experiences with an innovative MBA curriculum. For you, that means becoming a Transformational Leader by practicing transformational leadership. First, you transform yourself; then, you learn to use the same skills to transform your workplace, community, and the world.

If you are ready to begin your journey to become a Transformational Leader...


“My transformational leadership studies are empowering me to be a satisfied woman in business, making sure that I’m not backing down when I have a vision, an initiative, something that I feel is really important that I’m going for. Because I’m looking out for each person, the whole group is successful and everyone benefits.”

— Jennifer Masi, 2017 MA and current Ed.D. student

There has not been an MBA program that places this human dimension at the center. Until NOW.

The WGU MBA curriculum lets you transform yourself as you transform your business practices. You’ll become a leader who knows how to authentically:

Lead people through change and toward new possibilities

Address your team’s and client’s fears and hopes directly and productively

Become a better communicator, business developer, and trainer/educator with a more consultative perspective

Develop a toolkit to thwart burnout and lead with enhanced energy and productivity

And so much more!

“As a student of emotional intelligence, I am able to read my own emotions in a situation and self regulate...to effectively do my job. My job entails being assertive and firm in a professional manner to get results and I am able to do that as a result of my Wright Graduate University education.”

— Shaza Basheer, 2019 EI graduate

From day one in the MBA program, you practice coaching, leadership, teaming, financial and operational effectiveness, and the foundational elements of sales.

You directly experience the entire scope of business, from sales to accounting to operations. 

You learn a uniquely empowering financial and operational management methodology. Starting with individual financial literacy, you study the sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and operations of an actual operating business. 

Ultimately you apply your learning as you sell and deliver a product or service.

Human Development, SEI, Leadership, & Coaching Core

Performative Learning (highly personalized application)

Business Development (Sales & Marketing)

Finance & Operational Management

We believe you learn business by doing business. 

Join us in the pursuit of building beautiful businesses that contribute to a world that works for everyone. 

“Understanding self/people/emotions [led me to being the] first female on the exec team.”

— 2019 MA graduate

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